Hawaii State Kitchen Towel

Hawaii has been part of the Union since 1959. Highlighting the blue-green color of the sea, the towel incorporates a coconut background and a pineapple border to highlight Hawaii as a top supplier in the world’s production of the delicious fruits.

State Animal: Monk Seal
State Bird: Nene
State Flower: Pua Aloalo (Yellow Hibiscus)
State Tree: Kukui


  • Hawaii is the only state comprised of islands.
  • King Kamehameha unified the island in 1810.
  • Hula is a symbol of Hawaiian culture.
  • Hawaii is the birthplace of Big Wave surfing.



Artist: Katie Evans
Material: 100% cotton pique
Size: 21.5" x 32" 

  • Sanforized prior to printing reduces shrinkage and maintains clear, bright colors.
  • All inks are water-based and environmentally friendly. 
  • No child or forced labor was involved in the production of our towels.

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