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Utah State Kitchen Towel

Utah has been part of the Union since 1896. Featuring the color Cherry Red, the state fruit, the Utah towel highlights winter sports with a ski inspired border.

Background: Honey Bee
State Animal: Rocky Mountain Elk
State Bird: California Gull
State Flower: Sego Lily
State Tree: Blue Spruce


  • Bonneville Flats is the home of the Bonneville Raceway.
  • The Sundance Film Festival is the largest indie festival in the U.S.
  • Utah is derived from the Native American word "UTE" meaning people of the mountains.



Artist: Katie Evans
Material: 100% cotton pique
Size: 21.5" x 32" 

  • Sanforized prior to printing reduces shrinkage and maintains clear, bright colors.
  • All inks are water-based and environmentally friendly. 
  • No child or forced labor was involved in the production of our towels.

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